10 bộ phim Thái Lan hay 2020 được tìm kiếm nhiều nhất trên Google

The end of the year is near, let’s review 10 with Nghiện Phim movie Thailand or 2020 was the most searched on Google last year to see what’s interesting.

10. Wish to be reborn near you

Poster for the movie Praying for Rebirth Near You (photo: Internet)
Poster for the movie Praying for Rebirth Near You (photo: Internet)
  • Original name: (Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter)
  • Category: Mystery, Romance, Drama
  • Director: Sant Srikaewlaw
  • Cast: Tor Thanapob, Aff Taksaorn, Hai Popetorn, Neng Sarun, Richie Omrawadee, Natharika Thamapreedanan…
  • Premiere: September 30, 2020
  • Episodes: 13 episodes
  • Time: 100 minutes/episode

Movie content: Wishing to be reborn near you

The film is about Rarapee, a strong, intelligent woman and the mother of a grown son. While pregnant, Rarapee’s dear husband suddenly passed away, leaving her to raise her son alone. Growing up, her son resented his father, thinking that he was irresponsible when he abandoned them both.

However, Rarapee loves her husband very much and she has a strong hunch that one day he will return. After many years, her wish came true when her husband was reincarnated as a handsome young man named Thing. But ironically, Thing was about the same age as Rarapee’s son. Love miracles still happen between two people despite the age difference. Will Thing be able to discover his past life? What obstacles lie on their way to happiness and can the two of them overcome them to come together?

Trailer of the movie Wishing to be Reborn Near You

9. Lust of Love

Movie poster (Photo: Internet)
Poster for the movie Lust for Love (Image: Internet)
  • Original name: Fai Sin Chua (Fai Sin Chua)
  • Category: Romance, family psychology
  • Director: Chanon Somrit
  • Cast: Fluke Krirkphol, Ying Rhatha Phongam, Yardthip Rajpal, Bie Thassapak, Fah Yongwaree Ngamkasem, Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn, Fon Sananthachat…
  • Premiere: 8/7/2020
  • Episodes: 22 episodes
  • Time: 60 minutes/episode

Movie content Lust of Love

Orawee and Tharn are a perfect couple but they have no children so they decide to adopt a boy and a girl – Aekaong and Atcharee. Orawee is a successful businesswoman who reveals her controlling nature to Tharn. The oppressiveness of their relationship led Tharn to have an affair with Vichuda. Since then, the two have divorced.

Tharn moved out with Vichuda and his son Aekaong. Brothers Aekaong and Atcharee still try to meet a few times because they start to realize affection their own for each other. But controlling mother Orawee arranged for Atcharee to marry Ben. And Aekaong was also forced by her father to marry Khunlah, the daughter of Saeng Kham.

Ben doesn’t like Atcharee but still accepts this marriage for money. And after marrying Atcharee, he secretly had an affair with her mother-in-law. Where will the troubled love story of these people go, watch the movie to get the answer.

Trailer of the movie Lust of Love

8. Field of Love

Movie poster (Photo: Internet)
Poster of the movie Field of Love (Image: Internet)
  • Original name: (Toong Sanaeha)
  • Category: History, Romance, Drama, Family Psychology
  • Director: King Somching Srisupap
  • Cast: Noi Busakorn, Toey Jarinporn, Top Jaron, Denkhun Ngamnet, Bomb Tanin, Pie Rinrada,…
  • Premiere: February 21, 2020
  • Episodes: 19 episodes
  • Time: 90 minutes/episode

Contents of the movie Field of Love

The story is set in the 1970s, in a small Thai village. Paitoon loves Yupin and wants to marry her, but Yupin’s mother does not agree because of the family situation Paitoon has a gambling father, a polio brother. Then, while Paitoon was going to become a filial piety, Yupin’s mother forced her to marry her lover’s paralytic brother – Praiwan. Since then, Yupin has been Paitoon’s sister-in-law, but their love for each other has not faltered. Will the two of them be able to overcome all obstacles and be together again?

Trailer of the movie Field of Love

7. Love Changed Life

Poster of the movie Love Change Lives.  (Photo: Internet)
Poster of the movie Love Change Lives. (Photo: Internet)
  • Original name: (Ruk Laek Pop)
  • Category: History, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
  • Director: Paoon Jansiri
  • Cast: Movie Thanapat KawilaPete, Vill Wannarot Sonthichai, Anchasa Mongkhonsamai
  • Premiere: June 15, 2020
  • Episodes: 28 episodes
  • Time: 47 minutes/episode

Content of the movie Love Changed Life

Pete – a famous KOL, but because of his extravagant spending nature, soon became “God of Chom” because of debt. In a difficult time, maybe God loves the handsome man so he can be transported back to 1920 time – where Pete’s great-grandfather Pian was as young as he was. However, compared to Pete with a crooked tongue who likes to flirt with girls, the great-grandfather, despite having a face like his twin, is a mature, calm and very quiet person.

Although traveling to the past to successfully avoid debt, Pete is not familiar with this place, and finds a way to return with the help of his great-grandfather. But ironically, the person who returned to the 2020 world was the great-grandfather Pian. And Pete stays behind to play the great-grandfather, causing a change in the great-grandfather’s relationship with his great-grandmother. If he changed his great-grandmother, history would change so that Pete wouldn’t be born, so what to do?

Trailer of the movie Love Changed Life

6. Falling in love with Anh Xa

Movie poster (Photo: Internet)
Poster of the movie Love Tham Anh Xa (Photo: Internet)
  • Original name: อก เกือบ หัก แอบ คุณ สามี
  • Category: Comedy, Romance
  • Director: Aew Ampaiporn Jitmaingong
  • Cast: Prin Suparat, Nittha Jirayungyurn, Koy Rachwin, Nut Devahastin, Jieb Lalana Kongtoranin, Ohm Kanin Stanley
  • Premiere: April 21, 2020
  • Episodes: 15 episodes
  • Time: 110 minutes/episode

Contents of the movie Love Secretly Anh Xa

Muey is a young girl who has been living with her adoptive mother, who is also her mother’s friend, since her biological mother passed away. Muey also has a crush on Thian, the son of her adoptive mother. Although Muey loves him, Thian never seems to love Muey, instead, he always teases her, messes with her, and sometimes bullies her. Muey never gets angry or responds to Thian when she is bullied because she loves him too much.

Overall, Thian is smart, rich, hardworking and good looking. His only “flaw” is being a rather promiscuous player. And that led to trouble when Thian missed dating the wife of a dangerous mafia. To protect him, Thian’s mother forces him to marry Muey. Muey only agrees for Thian’s safety, but this is also an opportunity for her to get closer to him. Since Thian has never considered Muey as his life partner, he is not really okay with this marriage and wants to keep it private. But is it possible when Muey and Thian start working at the same company? Will Thian end up falling in love with Muey? Is Muey the perfect wife for him?

Trailer of the movie Love Myself Anh Xa

5. Crazy

Movie poster (Photo: Internet)
Poster for the movie Cuong Si (Photo: Internet)
  • Original name: (Rerng Rita)
  • Category: Romance, Drama
  • Director: Kritsada Techanilobon
  • Cast: Amy Amika Klinpratoom, Smart Krissada Pornweroj, Grace Karnklao Duaysienklao, Lee Thanat Lowkhunsombat
  • Premiere: July 13, 2020
  • Episodes: 22 episodes
  • Time: 60 minutes

Contents of the movie Cuong Si

Madly in love is a 2020 Thai drama about a woman who wants revenge on her childhood friend.

Married for 3 years, Janis and Rawee are still childless. When Janis reunited with Rita – her best friend since childhood, she came up with the idea to ask Rita to be a surrogate. But Janis doesn’t know that Rita is planning to take revenge on her for the resentment from the day before. Rita always thinks that Janis ruined Rita’s relationships and life and she will never forgive.

Janis’s best friend, Kanda, begins to suspect Rita’s motives, but Janis always distrusts and protects Rita to the fullest. Her brother Janis is also attracted to Rita. And while Rota likes him too, her revenge against Janis is far more important. In the end, how will the complicated relationship between the 4 people lead to the end, you will see. Madly in love to know more.

Trailer of the movie Crazy Si

4. Balloon of Love

Movie poster (Photo: Internet)
Poster for the movie The Shadow of Love (Image: Internet)
  • Original name: (Sorn Ngao Ruk)
  • Category: Romantic, psycho-emotional
  • Director: Kai Varayuth Milintachinda
  • Cast: God Itthipat Thanit, Richie Omrawadee, Marina Sadanun Balenciaga
  • Premiere: 10/1/2020
  • Episodes: 17 episodes
  • Time: 90 mins

Movie content The Balloon of Love

This is the story of twin brothers, Kwanma, who are biologically female, and Kwanoei, who are biologically male but are forced by their mothers to hide their true gender and live life instead like a woman. However, both twins fell in love with the same person named Neua Mek. From here, the love story with countless troubles and secrets begins to enthrall those 3 people.

Trailer of the movie The Ball of Love

3. Love Game

Top 10 best Thai movies in 2020 most searched on Google movie tricks cheat Love Lust List 10 List of movies vowing to be reborn near you Thai movies Thai movies Thai movies 2020 Thai movies or Thai movies Good Thailand 2020 best Thai movies new Thai movies Thailand love Love Love Life Swap movie trailer Game Ai Love Secretly Anh Xa
Poster for the movie Love Game (Image: Internet)
  • Original name: (Game Rak Ao Keun)
  • Category: Romance, Drama, Tragedy
  • Director: Kritsada Techanilobon
  • Cast: Nune Woranuch Bhirombhakdi, Tanjararak Kavee, Joss Way, Pat Napapa Thantrakul
  • Premiere: 4/2/2020
  • Episodes: 22 episodes
  • Time: 60 minutes

Movie content Love Game

A married woman suffered with her marriage when her husband cheated on her and asked for a divorce. But with the mentality of “he eats fried rice, she eats spring rolls”, she does not accept the divorce and wants to avenge her husband by having an affair with a man. But things become more complicated when she begins to have feelings for the boy she raised.

Movie Trailer Love Game

2. Women’s Conspiracy

Movie poster (Photo: Internet)
Poster of the movie Conspiracy Woman (Photo: Internet)
  • Original name: (Nuer Nai)
  • Category: Psychological, Drama
  • Director: Koo Ekkasit Trakulkasemsuk
  • Cast: Cris Horwang️️️️️️️, Nida Patcharaveerapong, Jaksamittanon Kaneungnij, Golf Anuwat Choocherdratana, Art Pasut Banyam, Due Arisara Thongborisut…
  • Premiere: 10/2/2020
  • Episodes: 22 episodes
  • Time: 60 minutes

Contents of the movie Conspiracy Woman

Khem is a girl born into the discrimination of her own parents. Even though she tries to work hard and earn money for her family, her parents still love her brother Jiang.

It was the difficult and poor life that made Khem an evil, lowly, vindictive and vengeful person. Later, she changed her life by marrying a rich man, but her wealth made her even more crazy for fear of losing what she had. And her husband Sakul has a crush on Khem’s employee, Pli. This further aroused the “demon” in Khem that made her defy everything, even killing people to achieve her goals.

Trailer movie Conspiracy Woman

1. Scam Strategies

Poster of the movie Trieu The Deception (Photo: Internet)
Poster of the movie Trieu The Deception (Photo: Internet)
  • Original name: (Roy Leh Marnya)
  • Category: Comedy, Romance, Drama
  • Director: Benjatara
  • Cast: Tanawat Wattanaputi, Ranee Campen, Louis Scott, Nichari Chokprajakchat, Thakrit Tawanpong, Wansiri Ongumpai
  • Premiere: October 5, 2020
  • Episodes: 17 episodes
  • Time: 90 mins

Contents of the movie “The Triumph of Deception”

The couple’s reunion Going Back In Time To Love You made Trick of Deception hot right after announcing the main cast.

Pope Tanawat Wattanaputi plays Ramin (Min), a handsome lawyer with a bad mouth but a good heart. Bella Ranee Campen plays Pitcha (Aim), a successful female CEO of a large company with a “straight-forward” personality.

Unfortunately, Pitcha’s abusive husband had an affair. After many unsuccessful attempts to hold on, Pitcha decided to divorce. This decision leads her to Ramin – her lawyer and childhood friend. While Ramin was helping Pitcha with his divorce, he fell in love with her. But Pitcha with the breakdown in her marriage has not yet subsided, how can she think of falling in love with another person. What will Ramin have to do to convince Pitcha? Will she be able to open up to him again?

Trailer of the movie Tricks of Deception

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